Push Notification Segmentation – Different Types and Advantages

Web Push Notifications Segmentation Segmentation is the art of dividing your subscriber base into relevant categories. This is for an effective conversion rate of your push notifications. At the real time of subscription, you can do audience segmentation. Segment Subscribers based on mobile, desktop, url based, site action and country based. Notification campaign can produce

How to Add Web Push Notification to WordPress – Install – Create – Schedule

Push notifications have a far reaching effect than email subscription. WordPress sites also provide this feature with and without plugins. But the added advantage of a plugin is the ease you can schedule, send and check analytics.  Mobile and Web Push notifications are possible by subscribing to a service. Free services are there, but have

How to Implement WordPress Breadcrumbs without Plugin – Yoast and Genesis

Breadcrumbs generally provide links to one of the archives you have chosen automatically. These can be your category or tag or date format. You can enable those using Yoast settings. PHP code is provided to display the breadcrumbs. This needs to be included at the place where you want to show the navigation links. The

Fix Disqus Comments Not Loading in WordPress | Thesis

Thesis is a good framework for WordPress themes. Most of the CMS run on WordPress which is built using PHP and MySQL. Frameworks are mostly like a skeleton on which you can build more themes and do more customization. Genesis, Arthemia, Thematic, Headway are some of the examples of frameworks. Related – Using framework as

How to Display Meta Description in WordPress using Yoast and GeneratePress

In a WordPress post, the meta description plays a major role in better CTR (Click-through-rate). Yoast provides a decent way to add it using its free plugin. This is visible in the source code of the page. Related Post – GeneratePress is a light-weight theme. Additional features can be added on installing the GP Premium

TCF v2.0 – What is it and Implementation for Google Publishers

TCF v2.0 stands for The IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) v2.0. This consent policy provides better transparency, control and accountability for consumers and publishers. Most of the app and website visitors do not exactly know what cookies are being stored on their mobile and system. This framework of TCF v2.0 gives more knowledge

How to use Ad Inserter Pro for TCF v2.0 in WordPress

As a WordPress site owner you need to provide a consent form on your site for TCF v2.0 implementation. This is to pass the Transparency and Consent String (TC String) from the CMP to the advertisers. Then, you can display the relevant ads based upon the consent given by the visitor.  In this guide, we