Transfer Emails Siteground to DreamHost Email Hosting – Simple Steps

To transfer SiteGround email to another host like DreamHost email hosting is very simple. Create the same email account on the other hosting with the required username and password. Make use of mail client like Outlook and migrate emails easily. SiteGround email transfer is to drag and drop the Inbox folder in the DreamHost outlook.

kk Star Ratings Short Code – Features, Pros and Cons, Performance Tests

To include the shortcode of kk Star Ratings plugin in your theme or CSS, you can make use of functions.php or style.css files. One of the best wordpress star rating plugin to implement user rating structured data schema. kk-star-ratingsĀ that appear in Google Search results give a strong reason for users to click your article. It

WP Review Pro – Best #1 Star Rating Plugin of 2020

To create reviews about products on your site, WP Review Pro is useful. One can rank higher in search engines by showing rich snippets in google, different kind of rating systems, comment and visitor rating and many more. All this can be done by making a few changes to the settings of the plugin. The

WP Shortcode Pro – Review of Features and Benefits

Shortcodes are a versatility of Wordpress. WP Shortcode Pro is a powerful plugin with 88+ shortcodes to implement the complex features for every day use. User experience is of paramount importance in blog posts. Like boxes, sliders, buttons, QR codes, tables, meta info you can include functionality with ease. No programming language is required. Instead of using different wordpress plugins for different purpose, you can use one plugin with many uses. Ease of use is very ease. For example, to implement the box shortcode, you just need to select the color and fill the content . Similarly for table shortcode you have to fill data in rows and columns.