Scalenut is the new AI content management tool in the SEO market. Marketers are well informed of data driven decisions before hand. But to spread the word on that strategy we need the right words and content review.

Story-telling is an art. Whether it’s for business goals or blog posts or social media, you need the right sentence and content to reach your target audience. If that doesn’t fit the mind and readability of users, then you pay the price in revenue goals.

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tell better stories using scalenut

Scalenut has two main forms of content writing using an AI assistant driven approach.

  1. SEO Assistant – Long form AI + SEO Intelligence
  2. AI CopyWriter – Short form content powered by AI

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In both these cases, putting ideas into a content plan can take hours to days. But with the write AI tool, you can make content writing an easy job.

Scalenut – Popular Features

  1. Create SEO focused content outlines
  2. Keep the ideas flowing
  3. Create long form content using AI
  4. Produce High Quality content
  5. Top Content Professionals at your Service
best features of scalenut

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Scalenut Long form AI

  1. Enter the Scalenut dashboard with your login credentials.
  2. Click SEO Assistant on the left-side.
  3. Enter the primary keyword and target country.  Create reports.
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create seo report with primary keyword scalenut review
  1. Two options are available – 1. Report 2. Editor
  2. Report option gives the following
    1. Overview
    2. NLP Terms
    3. Competition
    4. Themes
    5. Questions
    6. Citations
  3. Edition option has the following
    1. Write with AI
    2. AI Connectors
    3. AI Operators
    4. Templates
    5. NLP Terms
    6. Competition
    7. Questions
    8. Content Grade
    9. Word Count
    10. Readability
  4. All Reports will give the content and report for your primary keyword articles.
all scalenut seo assistant reports
The correct and best way to use Scalenut AI copywriting tool for your blogging needs. In my YouTube review, I discuss whether this AI tool can give spam if not used in the right way. This video explains the proper way to get long form content. What input should you give to this AI tool?

SEO Assistant


Top Page Statistics

It will show the analysis of top 30 results in 3 columns.

scalenut report dashboard overview

The first column is important which gives the top 10 results overview.

  1. Grade
  2. H Tags
  3. Readability
  4. Images
  5. Avg. Word Count

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NLP Terms

The list will have the following metrics against each keyword.

  1. Importance
  2. Occurrence frequency
  3. Heading Presence

You can make use of these NLP terms provided by Scalenut algorithms. These are more like the semantic keywords or related words to be included in your content. Since these terms are already used by the top 30 URLs, you are likely to benefit more in search engine results.

nlp terms report


It gives the following factors.

  1. Word count
  2. Readability
  3. Content Grade
  4. Images
  5. Headings

Scalenut checks the content of the top URLs and assigns a score indicating the completeness of a keyword. The five above metrics are an indication of what should be written in your content and what to include.

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scalenut report competition feature

Other Features

Themes give the common phrases which search engines get interested in and are related to your main keyword. Writing content on these topics should improve your chances of ranking better.

Common questions from Reddit, Quora, Google and AI suggestions by Scalenut can also be seen.

common questions themes scalenut review

The commonly cited URLs in the top search results are mentioned. Scalenut says that your PageRank increases if you cite these sources in your article. Since most of the top URLs mention this URL, it means it is an authentic source to cite.


SEO Content optimization can be done by using the right NLP terms. The Editor feature helps to write your blog post directly with formatting options. Then, you can copy and paste in Word if you have problems exporting to your favorite content management system.

scalenut editor overview

NLP Usage

Click to add the NLP terms. View the NLP term usage in SERPs. Generate content for this term. This is where Scalenut differs from regular content writing. Since you can add content automatically based on the search term and AI tool, it becomes easy to improvise.

nlp terms in search results

NLP, Competition and Questions are seen on the right hand side.

Templates AI Features

Templates are another bonafide feature of this AI content writing tool. The following types of topics and content can be created using the AI feature.

  1. Blog Title Generator
  2. Meta Description
  3. Introduction Paragraph
  4. Heading to a Paragraph
  5. Conclusion Paragraph
  6. Before After Bridge
  7. Attention Interest Desire Action
  8. Problem Agitate Solution
  9. Simplify a Sentence
  10. Answer a Question
  11. First Person to Third Person Converter
  12. Answer a Question in Bullet Points
  13. Active to Passive Converter
  14. Passive to Active Converter
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Most of these AI features require some input from the content creator. These include fields like brands, description, keyword phrases, secondary keywords, sentences and many others. To get an optimized content, you need to provide more genuine and unique content which satisfies the primary topic.

Write with AI

It is one of the easiest to implement and fast writing tools for long form content. You just have to provide some keyword phrases and the AI algorithm will provide you with required content.

In an appropriate context, you need to provide more input phrases and sentences on the topic and heading you would like to present. Then the AI tool can extend the functionality to fill the remaining paragraph.

Scalenut Review – Best of both worlds

You can extend this functionality to unlimited paragraphs. But it also has a limitation. Sometimes, after writing some content the AI tool is also out of ideas. Then you need to input your own creativity.

This works when you are faced with writer’s block. It will fill the voids. But it also has its cons. The content provided may be duplicate and may not be reliable. Though it may be grammarly correct, it doesn’t’ substitute for good content writing. After all, it’s an AI tool. You just have to use it along with your brains.

AI Connectors

The above AI writing tool is supported by adding prepositions and exclamatory sentences to add depth to your sentences. These are

  1. Addition
  2. Contrast
  3. Sequence
  4. Condition
  5. Result
  6. Summary

In each category there are a lot of choices to add the right recipe to your style of writing.

AI Operators

These are additional standard schemas that can be added to your article or business writing. How-Tos, FAQs, Quiz Questions, Q&A pages need the right questions and answers. The following are available.

  1. Questions about the content
  2. Topics about the content
  3. Outline about the content
  4. Summarize the content
  5. Conclude the content

Finally, you can save the content as PDF and HTML. If you find any corrections, undo and redo operations are also available.

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