Ads for WP – How to show Ads on AMP pages and posts

Ads for WP Wordpress plugin by Magazine3

AMP pages are the new trend of mobile responsive pages in 2020. Ads are responsible for revenue generation to site developers. WordPress is an elegant and popular content management system (CMS) among small bloggers. Plugins play a key role in customization and saving code. You can perform different functions on your site with ease. Knowing … Read more

[Review] #1 Best AMP Plugin in 2020 – Ideal Settings

AMP for WP Options 2019

In this amp plugin review we are going to see the different options to be enabled for AMP pages to load quickly and elegantly. AMP Google is developed with an intention to decrease page loading of mobile pages. ┬áThe best AMP plugin for WordPress is AMP for WP This AMP plugin has lot of settings. … Read more

Top 3 Best WordPress Security Plugins using Google ReCaptcha

The top most priority for any WordPress Admin is security of the site. Review of the top 3 captcha login plugins for safety and protection of other pages. Login page, Registration Page, Contact page are required to be safe. Bots from hackers and malicious users try to steal your user login and password. One of … Read more

[Review] kk Star Ratings – Features, Pros and Cons, Performance Tests

The visitor star ratings that appear in Google Search results give a strong reason for users to click your article. kk Star Ratings review is helpful to all webmasters who intend to implement user rating structured data schema. It is possible to display these ratings in WordPress using plugins as rich snippets. Visitor voting is … Read more