How Autoptimize and Critical CSS Fare in Page Speed and Core Web Vitals

WordPress sites made of different elements. The main files written in PHP. But, there is an extra layer of technology in themes and plugins. Critical CSS prevents render blocking resources and loads the necessary ones. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is one of them.  Optimize CSS delivery WordPress plugin used to defer unused css. How Critical

Imagify – The Best Online Image Optimizer [2021]

Compressing images for website is a common WordPress optimization feature to increase page speed and user experience. Optimize images for website to make the size smaller. When the page loads, it takes less time to load the image resources.  It improves the loading time of the site. When a page contains more than 5 or

Best WordPress Cache Plugin – WP Rocket – Our Results

We tested WP Rocket with video ads in our last case study. But the results were not that great. In many polls, this cache plugin gave excellent results and is the favorite of many WordPress users. We tested another site with a similar configuration but no video ads to check out the influence of this

Real Test of WP Rocket with Third-Party Video Ads

You can rely on a cache plugin only after a real test. WP Rocket is one of the best speed tools for WordPress optimization. Lots of other cache tools are either difficult to operate or need manual filling of data.  WP Rocket does most of the optimization, compression and minification in the background. Its settings

Improve Caching and PageSpeed with Hummingbird Pro – 7 Benefits

WPMU DEV membership comes with 11 pro plugins. Hummingbird Pro is one of them. To see the benefits of this plugin, a free 7 day trial is available for all users and plans. Also Read – 10 Elusive Features of Ad Inserter Pro – Best WordPress Advertising Plugin Google PageSpeed Score is one of the common

#1 WordPress Image Compression Plugin for High PageSpeed Score

What can an image say about a blog?  The featured image itself is the answer. WordPress sites use a large set of images in their posts. When you write a tutorial or guide, a picture speaks a thousand words.  Image Quality is important too! If you see a reduction in size, don’t get too overwhelmed.

Ads for WP – How to show Ads on AMP pages and posts

Ads for WP Wordpress plugin by Magazine3

AMP pages are the new trend of mobile responsive pages in 2020. Ads are responsible for revenue generation to site developers. WordPress is an elegant and popular content management system (CMS) among small bloggers. Plugins play a key role in customization and saving code. You can perform different functions on your site with ease. Knowing