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My name is Palla. I’m the author and owner of several blogs made on self-hosted WordPress site.

My failure insights on Google Blogger Platform

In the beginning days, I made the fault of using Blogger platform. As you know it does not offer root access to files and also customization is difficult for non-techie. Though several templates exist designed by freelancers, ranking is still difficult with Blogger CMS.

Also, you don’t have a custom domain unlike other blogs in the world. At the end, you get, extension, which doesn’t look search engine friendly. Even though you can buy and link your domain to your blogspot blog, there are lot of difficulties in implementing Web 2.0 technologies.

Why I changed to WordPress CMS

After a few years, I learned that WordPress is a CMS used by a majority of blog owners and websites. Soon, I learnt the hard way of migrating my site from Blogger to WordPress in 2010.

From then onwards, my interest in WordPress technology increased. I can say now that I’m a WordPress Designer. Since I was a non-techie, I was not interested in becoming a WordPress Developer.

In my journey with around 20 WordPress blogs, I installed several plugins, themes, custom CSS codes for aesthetic appearance and for better organic traffic.

I can tweak the settings of different themes and plugins. I also suggest good plugins for AMP, Reviews, Comment Spam, Schema etc to my friends in Facebook Groups.

After experimenting with several plugins, themes, server hosting over a span of 10 years, I decided to start this blog.

What Content will be there on this Blog

I am a performance enthusiast. So I not only test the plugins for their features, but whether they are slowing the site or not. For example, there are several review plugins in the repository. But only a few have stood test of time and performance.

I keep testing these plugins and write reviews for blogging beginners and student. Hope this helps.

If you want to contact me you can at sri20645 [at]