Review – Best Plans and Pricing – Common Features is the best-managed WordPress hosting for all types of users. You can do speed, Security, and Flexibility in easy steps. Create a site within 5 minutes. Also, adding a sub-domain and sub-folder are simple configuration steps. But are you taking the right plan? This WP Hosting had different plans that suit different customers. If

Why is Best WordPress Hosting in 2021? Simple Features

quick wordpress hosting 2021

If you need to build a site in 2021, you need two things. Domain registration and Hosting. The common extensions for sites are .com, .org, .net, .info, .us, .uk and many other such TLDs. (Top-level domains). Once you purchase the domain from the DNS (Domain Name Service) provider, you have to find the right server

SiteGround Hosting Review – New Control Panel Interface in 2019

SiteGround is one of the recommended hosting by developers and community. Client Area is a recent feature which has replaced the traditional cPanel. It was started in Aug 2019, to cater to the needs of the large clientele. The old control panel was with lot of settings, making it clumsy. A WordPress beginner or

How to Migrate WordPress Site from Siteground to DreamHost

This post will show how to migrate a WordPress site, which is on Siteground’s GoGeek plan to DreamHost’s Shared Unlimited plan. Both are shared hosting plans. The method described may be similar on a dedicated server or VPS hosting. The following are the requirements for a successful WordPress Site transfer. 1. Account with SiteGround 2.

How to Migrate Email Accounts from SiteGround to DreamHost in 4 Steps

When you create a domain and install WordPress on your site, its ready to rock! But there is a better opportunity lying around. You can create a domain email account provided by your hosting service. For example, you have to create a custom email account on ? Then after installing the necessary CMS like