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Palla Sridhar

Palla Sridhar is the author and owner of several tech blogs in India.

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Where is he from?

  • He hails from the scenic green and coast-line city of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
  • He is a post-graduate in Civil Engineering from IIT Kanpur.
  • He is mostly a lone-cat spending much of his professional time in blogging and tech videos.
  • Fascinated by the art of blogging in 2008, he has written well-over 2000 articles on various guest sites and on his own blogs.

What he Writes?

When he is free and relieved from stress, he devotes his time to writing articles on Microsoft, Health, SEO and WordPress.

He reviews many problems encountered in daily digital life and provides clear-cut solutions from forums and websites.

My passion for speed optimization began when Google said that speed is one of the ranking signals.

We know there are different elements on a website.

These include JavaScript, CSS, HTML and ad scripts. They all add to the site load. When the page becomes bulky they tend to become slow.

In addition we add so many images and graphical elements.

Subscription boxes and opt-in screens take lot of memory and CPU resources. In addition you add display and video ads, that the page becomes still bulky.

In such cases, you need the right resources to optimize these pages for both user experience and speed.

In this blog, we are trying to find plugins and tips for page speed optimization without losing the graphical user experience and revenue.

My Open Invitation!!!

He welcomes good English writers from other countries of UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia  to join his Blogging journey and create a good network to share their ideas.

You can write articles related to WordPress Speed Optimization and how to improve the page loading speed of a site. In 2022, Core Web Vitals and Page Experience are important factors in ranking.

So if you can submit articles related to page speed optimization plugins, themes, css, code you are welcome.

You can mail me your views, suggestions and opinion about this site to

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Twitter – @palla2009

Thanks for reading this page!