Companies don’t tell before hand the slowness in their servers and lag in site loading speed.

Free web allows us for many chances to test performance and speed using various tools.

WebPageTest tool is one of them which provides in-depth information on UX and web vitals

Total Size of HTML File

The size of the HTML file was around 3KB.

It is a concise and well structured HTML file.

It shows that it is almost like a free domain without much resources loaded. 

Web Page Performance Test

In the main metrics, the site scored green in all the performance measures except Security Score. It also includes –

  1. First Byte Time
  2. Keep-alive Enabled
  3. GZip Compression
  4. Static Cache Content
  5. Effective use of CDN

All were giving perfect A scores.

check rocket net performance

Server Response Time

The server response time of the homepage was less than 155ms.

It was very good. Web hosting with below values of 400ms are considered well to-do companies.

This is another of the pros for this hosting. 

The average response time of the homepage was less than 200ms.

It can be said that this is a great host. 

You can take help of web hosting to get unique visitors and fulfill all your needs. .

To believe my words, you can check the performance test conducted using WebPageTest.

Core Web Vitals are an important criterion to rank search results | Purchase Business Plan

Speed and User experience benchmarks are to be known before you decide the hosting for your WordPress site.

You don’t get a free domain with their WordPress hosting plans. 

Performance Test Results

As you see, TTFB was only 0.431s which can be considered excellent.

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It was using the managed hosting of and not using any CDN.

The server itself was giving good TTFB times without any cache plugin or image optimization.

A fast WordPress hosting provider will always keep this in mind.

Pros will take it granted that the CDN is working perfectly on seeing these load impact test results.  

connection view load test rocket net

­Web Vitals

As an important ranking signal of June 2021, the LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift), Total Blocking time (TB) were all green.

LCP was only 0.669s, CLS was 0, and TB was also nil.

It indicates that the site metrics were in line with Google guidelines for the coming ranking update.

Good web can only be there if all the sites are loading at amazing speed. 

web site performance using rocket net

Fully Loaded Time

The home page loaded in 0.925s in the speed tests.

It was well within the normal range of packing speed values for the best-hosted site.

According to common conception in SEO circles, a page-load of less than or equal to 3s is considered a good metric.

New user can take note of this website speed test for hosting their WordPress sites. HTTPS support can be done within a few minutes. 

Number of active virtual users should also be taken into account while checking the best web hosting company.

If too many users hit the site, then it can crumble.

Managed VPS are very costly for WordPress beginners and small businesses. Hosting offer is also provided with these plans. 

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Waterfall View

In this model, we can see the loading pattern and time taken for each resource.

waterfall view rocket net hosting

As we can see, the www and non-www versions are loaded separately in this test.

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It needs to be better optimized. If the proper redirection is done, both will come under one unit.

Intermediate Users with technical knowledge can understand the difference between slow and fast sites.

Much control is necessary in optimizing the site for speeds. Otherwise, it can further deteriorate the metrics. 

A dedicated server can also improve the performance metrics of pages with many images and other resources.

This test site shows that is one of the WordPress hosts that builds on speed and agility. Free WordPress installation is a breeze. 

In this view, we can see that TTFB for the www version was only 0.209s.

The SSL certificate took only 0.05s and DNS connection time was well below 0.10s.

HTML loading time was also less than 0.05s. For the non-www version, the HTML loading time was around 0.2s.

CSS, JS, and Image Files

Some CSS and JS files loaded with the home page.

These were the default ones that came with WordPress installing a new site on or theme files or standard plugins.

CSS was loading between 81ms and 115ms. There were 4 CSS files.

JS files were loading between 61ms and 114ms. There were 3 of these files.

The load impact was minimal as there were not many files and resources.

The data centers were also quick to load all the CSS and JS resources at the same time. 

best wordpress hosting thread processing breakdown

PNG files started loading after all the CSS and JS. It was around the 0.7s mark. There were 3 image files which include the ICON file.

Popular web hosts load unnecessary files within the content.

This slows down the site.

HostGator hosts some plans but they are no where comparable to the plans and speed provided by

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Free service in the form chat and telephonic help are always there. 

Content Breakdown

The content of the site homepage consisted of CSS, HTML, JS, and Image files.

There were a total of 11 requests. There was scope for optimization and improvement in CSS files.

The number of bytes transferred was very less.

content break down best wordpress hosting rocket net

Years of experience has shown that large CSS and JS files have negative impact on load impact test.

High traffic blogs always tend to load these resources quickly.

Detailed WordPress information also shows that loading too many JS can degrade your stats. 

In that case, also CSS was taking around 31KB on a compressed basis. 


A great option to use is there when you consider buying a top WordPress host.

Software updates are done automatically with the help of their setup. For example, automatic updates of core updates, plugins and themes are taken care of by the options provided during install. 

Free WordPress hosting may be cheap, but you will not get the same user experience as a managed hosting company. 

It also removes the necessity of virtual private server, as you have different server locations to install and lot of CPU, memory, bandwidth and storage space. Users can take help of the excellent support team. 

The bottom line is that it is a best solution for bloggers, WordPress beginners and small businesses owners.

A green line on all the performance metrics indicate that it is the best hosting company in South America.

Important factors like speed, tech support, CDN, image optimization are all done using this hosting offer. 

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