Transfer Emails Siteground to DreamHost Email Hosting – Simple Steps

To transfer SiteGround email to another host like DreamHost email hosting is very simple. Create the same email account on the other hosting with the required username and password.

Make use of mail client like Outlook and migrate emails easily.

SiteGround email transfer is to drag and drop the Inbox folder in the DreamHost outlook.

You can always create an email account like [email protected].

Once you have created that account, you might need to migrate it to another host. This may be required for several reasons.

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  1. Your hosting provider has increased the rate of current plans.
  2. There is a better host providing quality technical support.
  3. Email account is full on the current host.
  4. Transfer of domains and hosting from one host to another.

Update – July 2021The below screenshots were taken couple of years back. SiteGround has changed the interface by now. The steps are almost the same except for the new pictures.

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SiteGround Email Setup – How to Create an Account

As per GoGeek’s plan you cannot setup a mailbox with unlimited quota. The maximum mailbox quota for this hosting package is 6GB.

  • Add your domain to SiteGround’s cPanel.
  • Then login to the cPanel of SiteGround with the details provided by your host.
  • Then under Mail, you can see Email accounts. Click it. A new page opens.
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To create a new email account you have to enter the following details.

1. Email
2. Select the hosted domain
3. Password
4. Confirm Password
Password strength is displayed. Password generator also exists. A strong password indicates secure encryption. This is indicated in green color.
5. Mailbox Quota

Then click on Create Account

DreamHost Email Hosting – How to create Webmail Account

Once you decide to shift hosts for several reasons, you need to create all the domains that existed on SiteGround. You need to add the domains first. Then create each fully hosted email account that you created on SiteGround.

  • To do this, you can login to your DreamHost panel.
  • Then under Mail, you can click “Manage Email“.
  • Click “Create New Email Address” on the right-hand side pane.

DreamHost Email Settings.

1. Email Address (select the domain for which you want to recreate the email account).
2. Mailbox Login
3. Mainbox “Name”
4. Pick a password for me – If you check this option, you will be directed to another page, where an auto-suggested password is created for you.
5. Password – Manually to create a password
6. New Password Again
7. Limit Total Disk Usage. – By default, all new email addresses are limited to 200MB, but you can adjust or remove that limit in your panel.
8. Email me daily warnings – By default, checked.

DreamHost Mail Settings

9. List all email addresses to forward to, one per line – This option is to redirect all your email messages to another email account like @gmail, etc. This helps in reducing time to check into DreamHost webmail server, everytime you want to check mail.
10. Remove read messages when inbox reaches – 250 by default
11. Remove read messages from inbox older than – 45 days
12. Even remove unread messages – unchecked
13. Save removed messages in a folder named (otherwise deleted) – old-messages by default
14. Email me when messages are removed – checked by default.

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Then click on “Create Address“.

DreamHost Email forwarding

There is another option called “Bulk-Edit Forwarding Only Addresses“. When you click this, you need to enter your domain email and the address to forward to.

But this will delete all your email on the DreamHost mail server and direct them to the forwarded address.

Transferring Email Hosting from SiteGround to DreamHost

To do this, we are going to use Outlook mail client. I’m using Outlook 2013 version and changes should be the same in other versions like 2016 or 2019 also.

There are 4 stages.
1. Add your Email account using SiteGround credentials.
2. Add the same Email account using DreamHost user details.
3. Select all Mail from your SiteGround Email account in Outlook Inbox.
4. Drag and Drop to the DreamHost account’s Inbox in the same window.

How to Add Email Account in Outlook using SiteGround details

1. Open Outlook 2013.
2. File > Add Account
3. Then select “Manual setup or additional server types“.
4. POP or IMAP.
5. Enter the following details

User Information

a. Your Name
b. Email Address – for eg. [email protected]

SiteGround POP3 Settings

a. Account Type – POP3 (for SiteGround)
b. Incoming mail server: as mentioned in your cPanel account for eg.
c. Outgoing mail server (SMTP) : same as

Logon Information

User name : same email address for eg. [email protected]
Password: the password while creating the email account in SiteGround.

You can check “Remember password“.

SiteGround Email Setup Outlook

Uncheck the option that says “Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)“.

Check whether you account is set up in Outlook, by clicking the button, “Test account settings“. You can uncheck the option “Automatically test account settings when Next is clicked“.

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You should now see a green tick mark that you can logon to SiteGround mail server from Outlook. Then click “Next“.

Email account is added to Outlook and all your Inbox mail is downloaded to your local computer.

How to Add Email account using DreamHost Credentials

The first 4 steps are the same as in previous one. You need not close Outlook account.

DreamHost IMAP Settings

5. In this Server Information should be the following
a. Account Type : IMAP (DreamHost prefers it this way)
b. Incoming mail server :
c. Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

Check the option that says “Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)“. Then click on “More Settings“.

The “Internet E-mail Settings” window will open.

DreamHost Email Settings for Outlook

1. On the “Outgoing Server” tab, check the option that says

– My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication

2. On the Advanced tab, the following should be changed.
a. Incoming Server (IMAP) : 993
b. Outgoing Server (SMTP) : 465

For both of them the option that says “Use the following type of encrypted connection” should be SSL.

Then click “OK“.

On the main window, click on “Next“.

The same email acccount with DreamHost IMAP details is created in Outlook.

You should see something like [email protected](1) for this account.

Export Emails from SiteGround to DreamHost

If your mail is not yet downloaded to the SiteGround email account. You can click on “Send/Receive All Folders” in the SEND/RECEIVE tab of Outlook.

All your email should download. Then select all email in the Inbox by pressing Ctrl + A in Windows. Then you can drag and drop them in DreamHost account.

Note: If you have other folders, then drag and drop each folder, instead of doing all at once.

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