Shortcodes are small bits of code in square brackets.

When you insert them inside post or page paragraphs, certain features are applied based upon the shortcode and settings.

This little code markup will  run “relevant code” in the background.

The main advantage of Shortcodes is their ease of application.

You just have to select some options related to that code.

This will trigger visual display features without “touching” the background theme files, php, css, js etc.

MyThemeShop provides a shortcode plugin called WP Shortcode Pro which has about 88 features.

Why do you need Shortcode Plugin

There are different shortcodes like counter, testimonial, timeline, socialshare, photopanel, content slider, rss, google map, bar chart, geo chart, pull quote, modal, button, box, tabs, lightbox, exit popup, flyout, menu and many others.

On the back end, this shortcode refers to clean and secure code. This will implement display with nice front end features. Each shortcode has a special purpose and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Each item gives a separate lucrative feature to the content. For example, you can show a notification bar at the top with some important text and call to action.

Shortcodes are a total collection of various visual and functional elements.

These can be included in your post editor, widget areas or even in template (.php) files.

WP ShortCode Pro – Review

Using WP Shortcode Pro you can easily create buttons, boxes, notification bars, sliders, QR codes, charts, responsive maps and much more.

In a WordPress post there are different headings by default. But the default installation does not provide any decoration to it. By using the “Heading” short code you can customize the color, font and look of the headings.

WP ShortCode Pro – List of ShortCodes

  • Alert
  • Heading
  • Tabs – Tab
  • Accordion
  • Separator
  • Empty Space
  • Quote
  • Pull Quote
  • Dropcap
  • Frame
  • List
  • Row – columns
  • Button
  • Double Button
  • Service
  • Box
  • Note
  • Expand
  • Lightbox
  • Tooltip
  • Private
  • Guests
  • YouTube
  • YouTube advanced
  • Vimeo
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Call to Action
  • Countdown
  • Testimonial
  • Progress Bar
  • Timeline
  • Modal
  • Social Share
  • Section
  • Photo Panel
  • Splash Screen
  • Exit Popup
  • Exit Bar
  • Icon
  • Icon List
  • Flyout
  • Responsive Utility
  • Content Slider
  • FlipBox
  • Overlay
  • Shadow
  • Pricing Table – Plan
  • FAQ
  • Table
  • Permalink
  • Members
  • RSS Feed
  • Menu
  • Sub-pages
  • Siblings
  • Document
  • Google Map
  • Advanced Google Map
  • Slider
  • Gallery
  • Dummy Text
  • Dummy Image
  • Animation
  • Post Meta
  • User Data
  • Posts Data
  • Posts Block
  • QR Code
  • Scheduler
  • Google Trends
  • Pie Chart
  • Geo Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Area Chart
  • Combo chart
  • Org Chart
  • Bubble Chart
  • Highlight
  • Clipboard
  • Table Shortcode
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The advantage of WP ShortCode Pro is that it comes from a branded WordPress shop. Though there are many shortcode plugins, some which are free, they don’t provide speed and agility as the above.

WP ShortCode Pro – Main Features

1. Attractive to the Eyes 2. Works on all Themes 3. Responsive and works on TVs, Mobile, Desktops, Laptops etc. 4. Single click insertion 5. Preview before application 6. Supportive Documentation 7. Forum support 8. Quick replies 9. Speed Optimized 10. Good Performance 11. Provides Secure Code 12. Create New Short codes 13. Change Shortcode Prefix 14. Import/Export Settings 15. 24×7 Priority Supportive

Feature #1

Accordion is one feature that you cannot resist to include in your posts. With long content it is harsh on your readers to see the important points. But accordions are small panels of content which can be dropped on and off. This way you can see only the important headings and content.

Feature #2

Pull Quotes are an elegant feature when you want to highlight the important content. This will give a gracious look and also separate out the content, when you want to quote something nice. The default quotes in WordPress do not provide customization.

Feature #3

Buttons are an important feature of WordPress. When you want to insert a buy, download, email, cloud functionality in your content, each button in a different color provides an elegant look. You can also provide two buttons at the same time when you want to use the login and register process.

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Feature #4

Lightbox is another feature where it gives style process to your images. When you want to separate out the image feature and make the content go behind, this stands out. You can embed videos, images, web pages and even custom HTML popups. The main advantage is you need not leave the web page and see the image in large mode at the same time.

Feature #5

Social sharing buttons are another tidy buttons which can be inserted in between content. Generally you need another plugin to include them at the top or bottom of the post. But if you want to make sure, users click them at the right point without getting distracted you can include the right button like share, like, google+, linkedin etc.

Feature #6

Tables, Comparison tables, Pricing tables are an important feature of WordPress content. They standout from the crowd and immediately make the user understand your point. If you want to show and compare the features of different products at the same time, without going in lenght, you can use this feature. No coding is required and you simply need to fill in the blanks.

Feature #7

Google Maps can be inserted with precision and no disturbance to the look. This is important when you want to show routes to locations. For travel blogs this is an important feature. Also as this shortcode plugin works with all the themes, you can a different theme for your travel site and use this plugin.

Feature #8

Meta information is also important from seo-point of view. For example, if you want to include post date, author info, image size, number of visitors, number of comments etc, changing the code can be a difficult job. Instead if you can use a short code for each such field it reduces the coding burden.

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Feature #9

The most interesting feature of this plugin is the QR Code feature. As in 2018, with the increased usage of mobile phones, you can scan QR codes to buy, open links, subscribe. This gives less headache to typing and instantly do some work by showing your camera at the code. You can generate and include links to these QR codes using the WP ShortCode Pro plugin.

Feature #10

Pie charts, Bar charts, Geo charts etc can be included without making them in Office Excel. Instead of making them in a different software applicatin and importing them here, you can just insert the main data and the picture is embedded in the content. This is useful for analytical blogs and want to show any comparison.

WP ShortCode Pro – Images

shortcode alert
shortcode heading
shortcode tabs
shortcode pullquote
shortcode button
shortcode double button
shortcode pricing table
shortcode google map
shortcode slider
shortcode qr code
shortcode pie chart


I purchased this plugin in 2018 and still using it in 2020. This plugin gives easiness in doing tasks which are otherwise difficult to code.

The main advantage of shortcodes are to reduce the burden of full-scale coding.

Without knowing PHP and other computer languages, you can include features and functionality by using some simple terms.

MTS also has a forum for support of its plugins. This also includes for WP Shortcode Pro plugin.

The answers to your queries are given by moderators who are quick and precise in their answers. The best is that they provide support throughout.

I love the plugin for simple things like buttons and headings.

You can also beautify your ordered and unordered lists at a basic level.

Also when you want to highlight specific content, you can make them as boxes.

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