How to add Ads to WordPress blog?

To insert ads in the popular CMS there are different methods. You can make use of plugins, PHP code, add widgets, and directly place the ad HTML code in the content and many others.

One of the easiest ways to place ad code inside WordPress posts is to use a plugin called Ad Inserter – Ad Manager & AdSense Ads by Igor Funa. It is endorsed by Google, Amazon and many other great brands.

This free wordpress advertising plugin is sufficient for placing Adsense, Amazon kind of ads. If you want more control on the ad inclusion you can use the pro version.

ad inserter wordpress plugin

How to Insert Ads within your Post Content in WordPress

You can place your ad code in a typical text box called “block”. This has syntax highlighting and you can also execute PHP in the ad code. There are 16 types of such ad blocks.

These blocks are useful for placing Google Adsense Ads inside WordPress post content. The free version of the plugin offers features like integration of ads with major brands, inserting ads after paragraphs inside content, ad-rotation, visualization of ads, support for header and footer code and many other features.

Ad Inserter Pro – Different License and Pricing

ad inserter pro license types

But some options can be enabled in the Ad Inserter Pro version only. There are 4 types of license in the pro version – Personal, Freelancer, Business and Corporate. Each one has some additional features against the free version. The pricing also varies.

In this review, we are going to talk about those features that are available only in the Ad Inserter Pro plugin.


I tried to implement the TCF v2.0 settings using this plugin. I faced some problems during execution of the same. This included fulfilling the conditions for the new TCF consent form and many other things. I was happy with the support as it was direct and knowledgeable.

Some technical things cannot be understood on the documentation page. But the technical support manager has provided me the guidelines on how to work out things at a slow pace. If I need to include URL parameters, then he gave me the right directions.

On the other hand, ad blocking could be made possible only with the premium support. I wanted to not to display content after a certain para, when there was an ad-blocker. After providing WordPress site credentials, the tech member did the same successfully.

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If you love the features below, than you can purchase the pro version (aff) from here.

ad inserter pro support

Sticky Ads

One additional benefit with the pro version is that it supports the sticky mechanism. Most of the time, you require your Adsense Ads to be sticky to the sidebar or inside content. The following sticky facilities are available for Pro users.

  1. Sticky Positions
  2. Sticky Sidebar ads
  3. Sticky ad trigger
  4. Sticky ad animations
  5. Background ads

These kinds of ads stick to the screen, even while the user scrolls horizontally or vertically. You can have different conditions. If you want the sticky ads to scroll with the content, then that is also possible. Pop-up and background ads are a special variety of sticky ads.

But there are also some limitations. You cannot use them on AMP pages. Also, if you are using responsive ads (which display different dimensions to users based on geography, age, sex, audience), than you need to define the height and width.

Different Sticky features

The sticky sidebar ads are useful for themes, which do not support these features. You might have only center content without any sidebars. But with this feature, you can still display the ads.

Triggers can be set based on page scroll in % or px or when a particular HTML element becomes visible. This adds up to the specific functionality of Ad Inserter Pro. It is a complete sticky feature set.

Ads are not the only features you can use with the Sticky feature. You can also include Email opt-in form codes. This way it supports CSS, HTML, JavaScript and many others. In such cases, you want the sticky ads or forms to fade, slide, turn, flip, and zoom.


Want to see the analytics of your ads or opt-ins? Then the pro version will display different ad statistics. These include conversions, ad impressions and click tracking.

You can get reports in PDF formats. This is useful to send to clients. A nice graphic of the number of impressions or other parameters can be seen in PDF reports.

Public reports are for your individual taste. You can see stats for each month, year and date. These reports can then be shared on other websites or display on your own website. It gives branding value and authenticity of your traffic and ad optimization.

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A/B Testing is a very popular method to test any particular feature. If you have ads from different vendors or with divergent dimensions, then you can test which ad performs better using A/B testing. But how do you know which one works better? Ad Inserter Pro will show all the parameters like impressions, clicks and CTR for the particular ad block.

This way you can decide whether Amazon or or Adsense ads are doing better.

If you have returning visitors, then you can do frequency capping. This limits the same banner or type of ad repetitively showing to the user again and again.

Wrong Ad Clicks

Fraud prevention is another best feature of Ad Inserter Pro version. Click fraud generally occurs in pay-per-click (PPC) type of advertising. You can trigger click fraud protection with a single option. Then, you can decide the maximum number of clicks within a specified period of time.

If you know the general traffic and ad clicks per day, it can be useful.

Lazy loading of ads is another interesting feature. If you want to save resources and improve page load time, then you can display ads only when the user reaches the specific position. Ads will only load when they are visible.

Ad Blocking

In 2020, many types of extensions and add-ons block ads in browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Edge. Different devices like computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets use this feature.

This results in loss of revenue to publishers. Ad Inserter Pro has an anti-blocking mechanism where you can display a pop-up message or redirect the user to a new page. This pro plugin supports multi-level ad-block happening on your site.

With the pro version, you can modify or replace content when ads are blocked. Content protection and Ad replacement are the pro features.

Ad blocking statistics also helps how much revenue you have gained with this anti-blocking feature. This way you can decide to keep the setting or allow ad blocking.

GeoTargeting and Geolocation

If you want to target the ads to users of specific countries, then you can do with geo-targeting features. You can white-list IPs to show ads or black-list them. This way you can be more specific with ad targeting. It also works with caching.

TCF 2.0 Support

To support GDPR policies of EEA and UK countries, you need to follow the consent policies. You need to display a pop-up form using a CMP and then display ads, if the user gives consent to the purposes.

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Ad Inserter Pro is one of the best ways to implement this feature. Ads will be displayed only when the consent is given. This is a pro feature.

Multisite options

If you are handing numerous WordPress sites, then this feature will help you to limit settings on each site. This way it saves time and also has a variety of options for each site.


As you go, there will be a number of blocks and settings added to this plugin. When you want to create a particular block in another site, it is time-consuming. The pro features allow you to export blocks and all the other options that are created for one site.


Insert ads between and outside dates using the pro features. This is like time-targeting. If you think there is a holiday season, you can then show more ads. Also, you can schedule the ads for your most popular pages on your site during a specific time period. Otherwise, you can stop displaying ads for not so performing pages.

Delay display of Ads

In the display tab, you can enable Ad labels like “Advertisement”, add additional styles to the labels. Lazy loading and delay showing of ads after certain page views.

List checks

There are different types of check conditions that can be applied to the blocks. The following list conditions can be changed for each block.

  • category
  • tag
  • taxonomy
  • id
  • url
  • url-parameter
  • referrer
  • ip-address
  • country
  • viewport

MaxMind geolocation databases

With Business and Corporate versions, you can target ads to particular countries and locations. This includes cities. You can detect online fraud and locate online visitors using MaxMind services.

Risk scoring and data are used to identify high-risk activity in B2B and B2C platforms. This way payments can be made more securely. The GeoIP databases and services can be used to personalize your ads to different visitors of your site.

You can also prevent particular ads to a country or geography based on these databases.

Other features

No ads on the settings page. This will make your WordPress dashboard quicker and easy to work with. Premium support is the additional factor to purchase the pro plan.

Disclaimer:  If you purchase the product from the link mentioned above, I get a small commission. No extra charges or reduction of features. It is a small token of gratitude for the time and resources taken to write this article.


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