Thesis is a good framework for WordPress themes. Most of the CMS run on WordPress which is built using PHP and MySQL.

Frameworks are mostly like a skeleton on which you can build more themes and do more customization.

Genesis, Arthemia, Thematic, Headway are some of the examples of frameworks.

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Using framework as a foundation you can build more child themes. But certain themes support only certain frameworks.

For example Bloggers Pride is supported on Thesis Framework and basically its a Thesis 2.x child theme.

What is the Issue with Thesis and Disqus

Coming to our problem, whatever the framework is and the skin may be, you need a commenting system in place, generally if it’s a blog.

Most of the frameworks and themes support their built-in comment systems.

But there are third-party comment tools like Disqus, Livefyre, Intense Debate to name a few. They provide more options like social sharing and registering with a proprietary system as part of their agenda.

Earlier with Thesis 1.8.x we didn’t have much problem integrating Disqus and Thesis.

But with Thesis 2.x I faced some problems.

Initially it didn’t work out just as Disqus mentioned on their website. So I had to resort using a third-party box to implement on my site.

Integrating Disqus with Thesis 2.x WordPress Framework

Now the latest version of Thesis is 2.1.2. So if you have already updated to this version, its very easy to make Disqus work out with Thesis. All you need is this plugin.

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Install and Download Disqus Comment System

The latest version is 2.74 and is last updated on 4th Jan, 2013 and is compatible with WordPress 3.5.2 as per the site details. The installation procedure is same as typical to any other plugin in WordPress.

disqus integration wordpress

As you can see the settings for “Disqus” can be accessed by clicking its Label under Comments in the left hand pane of WordPress dashboard. The above screenshot is for WordPress 3.6, so it may be little different if yours is an earlier version.

Just like WordPress there has been lot of CRM and ERP development. You can develop your own CMS based on this technology for your company needs. This is mainly useful if your objective is services and portfolio.

You can still use Disqus for any kind of CRM and ERP based CMS. But to use Thesis you still need WordPress.

How to Fix DISQUS Comment Form not showing in Thesis

First of all to use Disqus, you need to go to their site and register to use their commenting system. Then after entering relevant details like your website on which you want to use their comment system, email id etc , you will be given a shortcode unique to your website.

This shortcode has to be entered in the plugin settings. There are other settings of Disqus using which you can customize how comments are monitored, displayed on your website.

You can

  • restrict Disqus to show only on blog posts with closed comments or display on all existing and future blog posts,
  • import and export comments,
  • disable comment sync,
  • use single-sign on feature to login to Disqus via WordPress registration,
  • sync Disqus with WordPress comments.
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Simply the solution can be summarized as:

  • Install “Disqus Comment System” WordPress plugin
  • Update the Disqus Comment Settings with your “shortcode”.
  • Just keep the “Comment List” box under WP Loop. (I think the other default Thesis comment boxes are un-necessary if you want to use Disqus).

Now to use Disqus with Thesis 2.1.2, you just need to use the “Comment List” box after installing the above plugin. This solution was mentioned in the DIYThemes forums.

disqus thesis wordpress
Fix Disqus Comments Not Loading in WordPress | Thesis 4

I’ll just show another screenshot how my layout looks in the Skin Editor.

wordpress disqus not showing
Fix Disqus Comments Not Loading in WordPress | Thesis 5

I’m presently using Bloggers Pride v1.1 as the child Thesis theme. So my earlier problems may be due the conflict with this skin. So most of you should not have problem with Thesis and Disqus integration if you just follow the above  steps.

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