Web Push Notifications Segmentation

Segmentation is the art of dividing your subscriber base into relevant categories. This is for an effective conversion rate of your push notifications.

At the real time of subscription, you can do audience segmentation. Segment Subscribers based on mobile, desktop, url based, site action and country based.

Notification campaign can produce high revenue and CTR of your articles. Segment criteria can be based on popular searches in social media, online tech portals and search engines.

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Push Notification Subscribers send different data to the site or mobile app. These include the browser type, desktop or mobile, geolocation and many other details.

web push notifications segmentation
Push Notification Segmentation - Different Types and Advantages 4

How Audience Segmentation can be useful

But if you want to create custom segments that are relevant to your site or app, you can create using different web push services. For example, you can target “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” segments during the month of November.  San Francisco and Los Angeles subscribers are another example of segmentation.

Push Notification Campaign can deliver the results to the right audience based on your segmentation. Messages per day. This is based on the A/B Testing and types of notifications.

CTR Rates can increase with flash sales and high quality product image. Location Criteria are one of the powerful features for Push Audience Segmentation. Original Segment will input honesty in the push notifications.

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Similarly you can target “Christmas Shopping” and “New Year Deals” at the end of the year. If you are a tech enthusiast, you can segment users based on price, model and accessory type. 

Your Campaign based on Geo Segments

Push Engage is one such web service which allows segmenting your audience based on your requirement.

Once you segment your users based on a particular criterion, it is easy to promote the relevant articles, products, discounts and niche topics. Targeting mobile devices is possible. Segment data can be classified based on user attributes.

Time of Subscription is as relevant as the number of subscribers.  Url Pattern helps owners to segment users for particular articles of the site. App Messages were first sent using BlackBerry phones which became the norm later.

Subscriber list will keep growing as the organic and referral traffic keeps growing. Push Notification Statistics will decide how to segment your users. App Push Notifications are really helpful to game and study notifications. 

App Purchases

Advanced Features of Push Engage will help you to set mobile devices as a particular segment. 

Dynamic Segment is another popular feature. When you add a new push notification, you can select the required segments.

Time Periods. When you send your messages at the right time, you have better conversion. Segment Builder is one the best services of 

Push Engage which requires authority and skill of the creator. Funnel Analysis will decide to send your digital marketing goals to the right audience. 

Personalized Notifications

If you want to do location segments based on country, then you can do it when you create a new notification. Auto Segment is already available in the free and business plans for device, country and browser type.

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Target users that are more likely to convert and click on your push notifications. 

User Experience. You have to make sure that your users are not annoyed by your notification messages. Push Subscriber will always think to click those messages that are relevant to him and have an attractive image.

Behavioral Push Notifications. One has to understand buying and click-through pattern of the audience to make your visitors click the messages. Customer Browser plays a major role to send the right push notifications with less wrong doings. Audience Intelligence plays a major role in the conversion rate of your Interactive Push Notifications.

How to Add Target Subscribers to Segment Membership

push notification segmentation settings
Push Notification Segmentation - Different Types and Advantages 5
subscription dialog segmentation options
Image Source: blog.pushengage.com
  1. Subscription pop-up – Enabled/Disabled in Business Plan and higher plans. 
  2. Quick Install – You can turn it off to collect subscribers at your domain or sub-domain. 
  3. Show Opt-in Delay – You can either show the dialog box by delay or when the user scrolls. Select the time in seconds for the pop-up delay.  
  4. Choose Segments – Select any two related segments to target your audience. 
  5. Cookie Duration – Select the number of days. 

This completes the steps to create audience segmentation in your Push Engage service.

Further Details of Push Engage Segmentation 

The first pop-up dialog box asks the user to subscriber. Then a second opt-in appears with the segmentation dialog pop-up box.

The visitor has to choose any one of the segment options. Based on this selection he will receive those messages in the relevant category. 

Then, he has to click the “Submit” button. If he doesn’t want this segmentation rules, he can click on “No thanks”. Audience Segmentation helps to reduce the number of unsubscribes to a low limit.

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On “Submit” another opt-in for permission to send it. The default message can be let as it is. It contains the name of your site entered in your profile settings.

In this real case-study we can see how I achieved 6% CTR with push notifications.

Other Push Notification Segmentation Options

  1. Device Type.
  2. URL Based Automatic Segmentation.
  3. Custom Segmentation Based on Your Site Action.
  4. Location-Based Segmentation.

Some options are available with a new notification. A/B Testing with Enterprise and higher plans. Mobile Devices play a major role in app push notifications.

Click on “Select Audience” when you add a new push notification. 

Then you can select the device type as desktop or mobile. 

Similarly, you can select the geolocation based on country, state and city. 

This will implement 1 and 4 types of segmentation rules. 

The added advantage of this segment rules is that the user is not aware of this technical implementation in the background. The web master also can add himself to these segments to test the preview of the push notification. 

Push Campaigns help the website owners to send the latest trends in the topic of the subscription.

Advantages of Push Notification Segmentation

Segmentation has the effect to produce 200% CTR.

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