Hosting plans support their customers with phone support, email and chat. You can get 404, 503 errors on your site for which you need to contact the host. Database connection errors are another type when you transfer a site from one host to another. DreamHost Customer support has a variety of tools to resolve technical and billing problems.

After you add a domain to DreamHost hosting plan, you can create an user account. Install the WordPress site using this tutorial.

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How to Access DreamHost Customer Support?

Once you login to the DreamHost panel dashboard, you can see the settings on the left hand side.

On the top right hand side, you can click on Support. Click on Contact Support.

A  pop-up window at the bottom right-hand side shows up.

Type your query or issue with DreamHost services or any other related problem. Press Enter. A relevant answer is given to your topic. If that is useful, you can click on Yes, that helped. Otherwise, click on No, show me more.dreamhost ask questionget answer dreamhosthelpful answer dreamhost support

Several other answers are given related to your query. If it’s helpful, you can click on the Yes button. Otherwise, click on Rephrase questions to get more relevant answers, just like search engine results.

Finally, if you are not satisfied with the bot answers, then you can click on Talk to an Agent.

DreamHost Chat Support

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A separate page opens – What you need help with. You can select or fill the following fields.

  1. Select topic. Several sub-topics are available and you can choose the right category for your topic dreamhost support
  2. Select the domain you are having problems domain dreamhost support
  3. Choose the level of expertise with WordPress.experience with wordpress
  4. Enter subject headline.
  5. Enter the description of the problem.
  6. Attach files like images, videos etc, if required.
  7. Click on Request a callback if necessary.
  8. Finally, you can Submit a ticket or Chat with an agent now.
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Sometimes, waiting time is there to chat with the agent. The technical support team is a good one, with knowledgeable experts. You can ask about WordPress doubts also. If they are related to your hosting, then they will surely oblige. In other cases, they will redirect to DreamHost or third-party links that will solve your problem.

Most likely you would need support for WordPress themes or plugins. But those are out of scope. So, they just provide suggested answers. In other cases like database problems, site down, ssh access, php version, install https, create user account, change password, billing etc, they will answer the point.

The tech support team is good and reliable. Sometimes on request, the agent will do the necessary change in permissions or code like .htaccess files or robots.txt. It helps WordPress beginners who are not into expert knowledge of inside code.

At the end of the chat with the agent, you email the discussion to yourself. This thread is useful if you face a similar problem in the future. You can also rate the agent and leave some feedback.

To know the facts about DreamHost hosting and its real-time speed on WordPress sites, check my review here.

DreamHost Ticket Support

If you think the problem needs deep thinking and time to solve, then you can submit your problem in the form of a ticket. It is sometimes done by the agent himself, if he is not able to answer the question.

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Click on Support history to see all the tickets you submitted and live chat. You will also get an email about the resolved ticket. The live chat history also can be seen here.

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You can use the DreamHost File Manager to access all WordPress files and folders. Then you can change the contents of configuration files then and there itself.

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DreamHost Support Hours

Support is available 24/7 everyday of the year. In any case, if the chat agent is not available then you can submit a ticket.

The live chat is available between 5:30AM – 9:30PM Pacific Time, 7 days a week.

There is no call-in phone number to contact DreamHost technical support. But you can request a call back.  English and Spanish are the supported languages. The support team is located in 3 continents – North and South America, Europe.

Review about DreamHost Customer Support

Know where to contact and chat with the customer support team of DreamHost. Always choose the right category of problem and talk to the technical team. Resolve your query in minutes.

– Palla Sridhar

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The chat team is quick to respond and resolve your queries very well. Sometimes, I had to submit a ticket to get the issue resolved. In this method the advantage is that, an expert reviews your question and answers to the point. You can reply to the email you received. I felt the DreamHost technical support team was excellent. I never had to receive a call back. Best Team and Good agents.


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