Most hosting services provide a cPanel or custom control panel. DreamHost file manager is one of the common tools in this large inventory. Once you add a domain and hosting, you are ready to install WordPress. DreamHost service provides one such control panel, where you can access your site files using file/folder management.

Typically ftp clients are used to access these files. But many don’t know that DreamHost also provides in-house tools to manage files and users.

In this DreamHost review we are going to see the details of the File Manager present inside the control panel.

dreamhost file manager review
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How to Access DreamHost File Manager?

Once you access the DreamHost panel using login credentials, navigate to the following.

There are several ways to do this.

  1. Websites > Manage websites.
  2. Against any site, click on Manage.
  3. Manage your site on the next screen.
  4. Click on Manage.

All files of your website should be visible. It includes the root directory of the WordPress site. 

File Management can also be done using this path

  1. Websites > FTP Users & Files.
  2. All users are listed on the right hand side.
  3. Click on Manage against the user on which your WordPress install resides.
  4. All files are accessible.
dreamhost file manager manage
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How to Manage Files on DreamHost panel?

Generally some dot files are there in your user account. These are server or host files. You need not tinker with them, apart from a few.

Click the root folder of your WordPress site, for eg. You can access all the WordPress site files.

Extract Compressed File to the User Root Account

If you are looking to transfer WordPress site from one host to another host manually, then you can compress the site folder on the old hosting. Then, download it to your computer and upload to the DreamHost user account root folder.

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Right-click the zip file and click on Extract. It will uncompressed the file to the folder content. The WordPress site structure will be the same as your previous hosting account. By default, if you have used the same file name as the domain name, your root folder also will be the same as

extract files dreamhost file manager
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All wp-content, wp-includes, etc kind of folders will be unzipped. You can also see the itsy3789 folder containing the images. It is the most convenient way to transfer WordPress site folders to DreamHost.

DreamHost Review of Extraction

Unfortunately I experienced a very slow state of extraction using the file management system of the control panel. It took a lot of time. Also, there is no provision for compression or zipping the folder on DreamHost Shared Hosting plan. A better alternative is to use HostArmada’s Speed Reaper plan.

Right-click Options

  1. Download
  2. Cut
  3. Copy
  4. Delete
  5. CHMOD

File Management options on DreamHost

Few icons are available at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Upload
  2. Download
  3. Fetch File
  4. Create New File/Folder
  5. Show Editor
  6. Cut
  7. Copy
  8. Paste
  9. Delete
  10. CHMOD
dreamhost file management operations
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DreamHost Review – File Management Folder Drop-down options

On the left hand-side of each folder in the file management panel, there is an inverted arrow.

If you click that further options are available.

  1. Open
  2. Rename
  3. Properties

These are extra options.

edit file dreamhost cpanel manager
DreamHost File Manager - Is it Useful Enough? 10

For a typical file, you can also edit it, if it’s possible. It is useful for .htaccess and robots.txt type of files.

DreamHost Review of File Management

Beginner WordPress users are not familiar with FTP and SFTP clients. SSH access is too technical. In that case, DreamHost File Manager comes to the rescue to copy, past, cut and download files/folders from the server. Review of File Management tools and settings.

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– Palla Sridhar

dreamhost install wordpress automatically
Ease of Use
Speed and Responsive
Compression Feature
Number of Operations


The control panel operations are very slow compared to Host Armada cPanel. Upload is a little quick. But downloading files and folders takes a lot of time. Sometimes, the extraction of compressed files stops in the middle. Then you need to talk to the customer support. Deleting also is a laborious task. The shared hosting plan has very slow cut, copy and paste operations. It is better to use FileZilla for file management of WordPress files.


For an in-depth DreamHost review and details about pricing, plans, speed, check my guide.

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