How to Create Users in DreamHost – Domain, Account, Database

The DreamHost control panel has the facility to create users for each domain or website. Each one is owned by a single FTP/SFTP/SSH user. In this way the hosting provides security to site files and permissions. Each user can access only his websites. The data from a different user cannot be accessed by another user.

When you transfer a site from another host to DreamHost, then you need to have two users. One is the user of the domain and another is the database user. 

It may look awkward creating different user accounts for each domain. But you can add multiple domains to each user account. It also increases speed and available resources to each site. The user creation can be done while adding a domain to DreamHost.

Otherwise, you can do it later and then assign the domains. In this tutorial we are going to see how to create users in DreamHost and allocate them to a site.

How to Add a User in DreamHost

Sometimes, you need DreamHost developer access. Then you need to create a new user account for the domain.

Go to Websites > FTP Users & Files.

Under File Management, click on Add a User

Provide  Username, nickname, server and secure shell access.

Click on Create User.

how to create users in dreamhost

Each domain can be under only one SFTP/SSH user.

Creating a new user does not automatically give permissions to access site files.

For user assignment read the below.

How to Assign a New User to a Domain in DreamHost

Go To Domains > Manage Domains.

Under Hosted Domains, you can see all the domains.

Click on Edit below the existing user.

edit user dreamhost

Under Fully Hosted (Active) you can see all the domain details.

Under users, files, and path, you can see the existing user.

Select the new user in the drop-down.

assign user dreamhost

The new user is assigned to the domain. The changes should take effect in 5-10 minutes.

success message user edited dreamhost

How to Delete a User in DreamHost

Make sure no domains are attached to this user. You can either assign those domains to a different user or uninstall the website.

Under FTP Users & Files > File Management, you can see all the users for your server.

Click on Show Info.

Different details like host, username, password, protocol etc. are displayed.

Click on Delete this User.

delete user account dreamhost

DreamHost Add Database User

Sometimes, you need to create a database user to import the database from another host.

Go To Websites > MySQL Databases. Scroll down on the right hand side.

Database(s) on the server are listed.

Beside a database, click on Add a user.

Enter a new username and password.

A new Database user is created. You can also assign the user to the database here.

A separate user account for each database prevents data breaches and gives more security.

DreamHost Add Account User

While creating a DreamHost account, a default user account is created with your given email.
It is under the Profile information section. You can also add a secondary email account here.
But under Account privileges, you can add another user account. But it should not be the primary or secondary email. Otherwise, problems arise while changing the password.

Total Time: 3 minutes

Go to Billing & Account > Manage account.

manage account dreamhost

Click Edit privileges under Account info.

edit privileges dreamhost account user 1

Click the Grant privileges to a New Person.

grant priviless account user dreamhost

Enter the email address, name. Check billing to give access.
You can also grant privileges to database users, user accounts etc.

Click on Set privileges at the bottom.

set privileges account user dreamhost

A confirmation email is sent to the user which asks for a password change.
A full privileges list allowed for this account user is displayed on the next screen.

If you want to know more about DreamHost hosting, features, facts and speed, check my review here.

A confirmation email is sent to the user which asks for a password change.

A full privileges list allowed for this account user is displayed on the next screen.

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