In 2022, DreamHost changed the way to forward fully hosted email. Previously it was possible to do both. Forward and Fully Hosted Email. Now you can do only one of them. I recently talked to one of their technical support members and they confirmed it.

When you create a new email account, you can either use it as a fully hosted email or forward it to another email address but not both.

How to Create DreamHost Fully Hosted Email in 2022?

fully hosted email on dreamhost
Guide to Forward Fully Hosted Email on DreamHost [2022] 3
  • Open the Control Panel of the DreamHost account in the web interface.
  • Mail > Manage Email > Create New Email Address.
  • Fully Hosted Email screen opens. (Traditional Email Hosting).

The following fields are available.

  1. Email address – Give the username. You can select the domain name from the drop-down box.
  2. Mailbox “Name” – Give a typical name to your mailbox.
  3. Pick a password for me – This option will automatically suggest a password by DreamHost security system.
  4. Password – Otherwise, manually provide your own password with a minimum of 8 characters.
  5. Limit Total Disk Space – The default is 200MB.  You can increase that to unlimited MB based on your plan.
  6. Email me daily warnings – Whenever your inbox becomes almost full or close to 100MB, then you get a notification email.
  7. Tidy inboxes
    1. Remove read messages when the inbox reaches 250 messages.
    2. Remove read messages from inbox older than 45 days.
    3. Even remove unread messages.
    4. Save removed messages.
    5. Email me when messages are removed.

Note: You can make changes to the above tidy inbox options.

  1. Click on Create address.
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This will create DreamHost Fully Hosted Email or Traditional Email Hosting only.

How to Forward DreamHost Fully Hosted Email in 2022?

On the contrary, if you would like to forward email to the account created above, there is an option below.

Forward – Only Email

dreamhost forward fully hosted email
Image Source: DreamHost

You can provide a list of all email addresses one per line. The maximum is 10.

For complete details of DreamHost email review, you can look up to my guide here.


    1. The steps are mentioned here. The remaining you have to figure it out. You can contact DreamHost support for full guide.

  1. This feels like a manipulation. They are trying to sell us google workspace. Without the ability to do both we can no longer forward to and reply from our gmail account. Weak. Time to look for a different provider.

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