How I got 6.03% CTR using Push Engage – #1 Best Push Notification Service Provider

Push Notifications are useful to bloggers and web masters to send relevant messages to targeted audiences. The best push notification service provider of 2020 can be said as Push Engage. 

In an earlier post, we have seen how to create push notifications for web and mobile. You can easily install this web service on WordPress and many other platforms. 

A great use of this service provider is you can select the time zone and device type to which you want to send the push notifications. 

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To check the validity and performance of this site, I have purchased the Business plan for 1 month for $29. You can see the list of features in this above article. 

Business Plan Subscription details of Push Engage- best push notification service provider

In this case study, we will see how Push Engage has helped me get a high conversion rate in terms of subscribers and conversions

Push Engage – Number of Subscribers

There were a total of 614 subscribers over a period of 1 month. This is for a blog having 1200 visitors daily from different countries like US, UK, AUS, CAN, INDIA. 

When you click the Analytics section of the Push Engage dashboard, you can see different statistics. 

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In the Summary page, you can see a clear graph of new subscribers and unsubscribers.

The best push notification service for high subscription conversion

On an average I was getting around 20-30 subscribers each day for approximately 1500 page views per day. The traffic was mostly organic from Google. 

One of them is Subscriber Statistics. This will tell you how many subscribers have subscribed to your push notifications based on country, browser and device type. 

From the above details, you can see that if you have high traffic, subscriptions also tend to get more using Push Engage.

Top 10 Countries –

  1. India
  2. United States
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Phillipines
  5. Canada
  6. Australia
  7. South Africa
  8. Indonesia
  9. Singapore
  10. Germany

There were 139 subscribers from India, 130 subscribers from the USA and 162 from other countries. 

Push Engage service delivers the best subscription and conversion rate in terms of countries

The most prominent browser with maximum subscribers was Chrome. I received around 558 subscribers based on Chrome browser alone. 

There were 305 active desktop subscribers and 309 mobile subscribers. My site is more oriented towards desktop, it is astonishing to see similar conversion rates for mobile also. 

Push Engage – Sent Notifications

In all, I have sent around 24 notifications in this month alone. If you see the recent notifications list, you can see the typical conversion rate. 

I had the maximum CTR of 4.12% and minimum of 0.79% for the recent 5 notifications. The net sent count was around 600. When you look at the total number of notifications, you can see the image below. 

I had the greatest CTR of 6.03% for one of the push notifications. 

How to Optimize for CTR of 2% and above

The following things I have observed for high CTR push notifications. Push notifications were targeted to both desktop and mobile users. For some messages, I choose to segment based on country. 

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Let’s see the notification title for successful notifications. These web and mobile push notifications were targeted for solid-state-drive (SSD) and tech products. 

  1. Top 5 Best SSD from Popular Sites and Brands
  2. BlackFriday SSD Deal 2020 #1 – Save $47 on 500GB Internal PC SSD
  3. Audials One Review – Most Powerful Music Web Service
  4. BlackFriday Deal for best SSD – Kingston or Crucial
  5. Top 5 SSD to Boost your PC and Laptop Performance
  6. Is SSD worth in improving BOOT times in Windows 10 and 7
  7. Microsoft Family Safety –  Review of features and Parental Controls
  8. Why SSD is better than HDD for your Windows 10
  9. How to Manage Parental Controls of Microsoft Family
  10. [Review] – Microsoft Family Safety App on Android
  11. How to Manage Multiple Profiles in Microsoft Edge
  12. How to Secure Windows 10 with Microsoft Defender

All the above push notifications were having CTR of 2% or greater. 

Sent Timings

  1. 11/28/2020 19:05
  2. 11/26/2020 16:15
  3. 11/24/2020 4:25
  4. 11/24/2020 0:50
  5. 11/23/2020 22:15
  6. 11/23/2020 21:01
  7. 11/17/2020 8:49
  8. 11/4/2020 18:14
  9. …. 4:05
  10. 11/4/2020 1:35
  11. 11/3/2020 21:20
  12. 11/2/2020 5:46

Push Notification Messages  

  1. Click to see the details of each SSD within budget range.
  2. Hurry before the deal closes. Check our site for SSD reviews
  3. Find relevant songs, music, stations and artists
  4. Know the benefits of the cheapest SSD for PC and laptop
  5. Black Friday Deals will be included with the product links
  6. Check other articles on SSD to buy a fast laptop.
  7. Know about the Parental App from Microsoft
  8. You can use both disks as hybrid storage. Speed and Boost performance.
  9. 8 Features of Microsoft Family that can be controlled by the parent.
  10. What are the different features available in this app.
  11. Create or Remove a Profile. Make a personal or work profile.
  12. 10 Hidden Secrets of Windows Security to protect from virus, malware and ransomware
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Push Engage – Summary to get high CTR

  1. Provide a single button on your push notification. Provide a successful button title like “Get It Now” if you are targeting any promotional products. 
  2. The notification url should preferably contain your website address. Instead of using affiliate link urls, take help of an affiliate plugin to convert to website links. 
  3. Make sure you have a good large image that attracts the visitors with statistics. This normally works for tech products. 
  4. Write a good notification message that is simple to understand and relevant to the article. 
  5. Provide a thorough review to your push notification message which contains a product url. This should be on your website. 
  6. Add “Black Friday” type of message in the Notification title, based on the festival seasons and discount coupon deals. 
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