is the best-managed WordPress hosting for all types of users. You can do speed, Security, and Flexibility in easy steps.

Create a site within 5 minutes. Also, adding a sub-domain and sub-folder are simple configuration steps.

But are you taking the right plan?

This WP Hosting had different plans that suit different customers.

If you are one of those little bloggers earning few hundreds of dollars, then the starter plan is for you.

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Similarly, for business and enterprise customers, different plans are available.

These are mainly based on your traffic, storage, WordPress install requirements.

Types of WordPress Hosting Plans –

  1. Starter
  2. Pro
  3. Business
  4. Agency

You can see each plan is unique in the below details.

best managed wordpress hosting plans and pricing Review - Best Plans and Pricing - Common Features 2

Starter –

This plan is mainly for single-site owners. It will take care of traffic of up to 250k visits.

The amount of storage for images, resources, files, folders, videos is 10 GB. You also get a free SSL, CDN, and WAF.

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As we have mentioned earlier, world-class Cloudflare Enterprise CDN and Web Application firewall support will be available.

It makes sure that you do not worry about the hassles created by hackers, DDoS attacks, viruses, etc.

You can rest in peace and concentrate on building your website. The price is $30 on monthly purchase and $25/month when purchased annually.

As a launch offer, $1 first month hosting is offered.

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It can be used as a trial on how hosting works.

If you are unsure of the above features, this simple cost trial will help you test the features yourself.

If you don’t like it, you can revert to your old hosting after 1 month.

Pro –

It is mainly for SMB users who are having traffic of around 1 million visitors per month.

You also get extra 10 GB of storage compared to the Starter plan. In addition, you can install 3 WordPress sites.

The pricing is $60/month every month and $50/month on an annual basis. The launch offer is not valid on an annual subscription.


It is a more high-rated plan compared to the above two. It costs around $83/month on an annual basis and $100/month every month.

If your traffic from Bing, Google, Facebook, and other social media is going crazy, then you can subscribe to this plan.

You have 10 WordPress installation sites and can bear traffic of up to 2.5M visitors. Storage is also 30 GB above the starter plan.

Agency –

This plan is especially for large wordpress hosting solutions. If you are a big business and maintaining around 25 sites, then this plan is for you.

The plan costs $166/month annually and $200/month on a monthly subscription. It can catch upto 5M visits per month from all the sites.

You also get 50 GB of storage.

If you have more than 25 sites, you can contact their customer support for customized plans.

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Common Features on All Plans

  1. 99.99% uptime guaranteed.
  2. 20+ Global Server locations
  3. Premium Edge Network
  4. 30-days Money-back Guarantee
  5. Hand-free Migration
  6. Optimized Google Fonts
  7. Automatic DB Optimization
  8. Multi-site support for other plans, except the starter plan.
  9. Automatic Daily Backups
  10. BackUp Retention for 14 days
  11. 24×7 Live Chat Support
  12. 24×7 Phone Support for Business and Enterprise users
  13. Protection from Hacks and Malware
  14. Multi-user support
  15. Free Staging Installs.
  16. PHP Version support for 5.6, 7.0, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4.
  17. Git Integration
  18. SFTP support
  19. Automated WP Core Updates
  20. Plugin Updates
  21. Automated Theme Updates
  22. File Manager
  23. Visitor Analytics
  24. Brotli Compression
  25. Cron Jobs can be done.’s above features and plans are sufficient for any user need, including bloggers, individuals, businesses, and agencies.  

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