A new WordPress installation with cPanel tools. Most of the hosts provide Softaculous as a tool to fill in the required details.

It will then check for the required data and install WordPress on your server.

It was long ago.

With Rocket.net WordPress quick install is a breeze.

Setting Up WordPress with Rocket.net Web Hosting

Instead of the old interface and unexplainable paths during the procedure, you can straight forward do the job with simple steps.

In addition, you can add the HTTPS or SSL certificate, which comes free with each of the Rocket.net hosting plans.

Finally, adding site to DNS provider with clear-cut instructions when you create the site.

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Database creation happens automatically—no upload of files required to the web host. Web Server and Hosting provider make sure all the WordPress-related things exist.

Additional benefits of WordPress Install

You can use the FTP client to access your root directory and wordpress files.

You can make any changes to the wp-config.php file for any manual update of DB password, wordpress url, admin details. Installing WordPress is not a big technical issue.

No other details required to install WordPress cPanel.

A Control panel is available when you buy the hosting plan.

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Using PHPMyAdmin through basic instructions. Contents of the unzipped wordpress directory are not visible, as we are not downloading anything manually.

Add privileges to your files and change MySQL settings if required. Simple process for installing multiple wordpress instances.

WordPress Setup and Security

Create a secure password as the first line of defense for your wordpress login. It would be best if you did not use all lower-case letters. A mix of symbols, characters, numbers is a good idea.

Create your subdirectory if required for installation of sub-domains through FTP or cPanel. Installer wizard is so simple that anybody can create a site within 5 minutes.

The best collation is that site details, SSL certificate, DNS records are in-line appropriately.

Install WordPress on Server

No configuration file. At each step, you see a green tick mark to indicate that it is successful.

You can upload images and videos using the sftp credentials. The root directory of your website is always accessible through the FTP client.

Use the WordPress button to log in to your admin area. Business buttons using the Gutenberg blocks.

Sure, use the text field to enter login details and go to the WordPress admin dashboard.

WordPress 5 Minutes Install – Rocket.net

Time needed: 5 minutes.

The following steps require modifying the records on the DNS server. Each measure with a screenshot and a clear explanation for Rocket.net hosting. You need to provide the install path, WordPress login credential for the basic setup. Advanced install of SSL and connection to your site requires further steps.

  1. Click on Create Site under the Sites tab.

    Two steps are required.install wordpress site on rocket.net

  2. Step 1 – Provide the WordPress Website name, domain and choose the server location.

    The site details include the typical site title and server desired location (country, city) where you want to host the site.enter site details rocket net web hosting

  3. Step 2 – Custom tailor your WordPress install with the install path, admin details, and more.

    The install path is preconfigured. You only need to add a typical string in addition to that to make it unique. Provide the Administrator username and password field of your WordPress login. You can also generate strong passwords. Give an administrator email and select language.install wordpress site with admin details

  4. Creation of site is complete.

    You will see the server name. Create a staging site if required. It is an offline version where you can check your changes before they go into production.getting started to go live wordpress rocket net hosting

  5. Click on Get Started to make the area a live performance.

    Three steps are required.
    Step 1 – Change Domain Name
    2 – Configure SSL
    Step 3 – Update DNS

  6. In the first step, enter the site url.

    This is where the simple url address of the domain is given. No other details are required. A very simple step.enter domain name rocknet net install wordpress site

  7. How to Install SSL Certificate WordPress

    The next step requires some records to be added to your DNS hosting.
    These include two TXT records. Voila! Your free SSL certificate is accessible now. Copy to a text editor and then paste them.configure ssl install wordpress site

  8. Finally, add a CNAME record to your domain.

    It will link your name servers to the Rocket.net hosting. If you want to point to the www version, enter the same CNAME record for the www version.update cname records dns connection

  9. Once it happens, click on “I’ve Updated My DNS.”

    You can see the site information on the final page.

  10. You can see the following details – Server, FTP address, SFTP, username, rocket url, location, disk usage, bandwidth usage.

    Check all the steps are done correctly or not. There is no install tab, as we are adding only TXT and CNAME records. 


In final words, installing a WordPress site is easy on Rocket.net hosting with a simple interface and explainable steps.

At each stride, you can see the necessary information to fill the data. In addition, you get a free SSL certification and DNS linking.

This process is very easy for beginners.

Check your results in a web browser. The site will also display on search engines—detailed instructions at each step.

Other Details

WordPress Database information can also be got by vising the cPanel. The root directory of your website will have all the related WordPress files.

It is just like pushing an Install button, and all the site work is complete—no need for any install script.

WordPress directory structure is there when you log in to the FTP client. You can get shell access through cPanel. With few clicks, you can do all the installation work.

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