Using a pop-up form and WordPress is one of the ways to implement TCF v2.0 standard for EEA and UK countries. In order to define the legal basis for TCF 2.0 and GDPR, you need to create a CMP consent form. This way your app or website complies with TCF v2.0 standards.

Before 2018, the EU made it necessary for websites to implement the GDPR privacy law. For this, you need to display a small pop-up, mentioning about the cookies you are going to store on the visitor computer or mobile, as a publisher.

This was easy.

You just need to display an informational message that you are storing cookies. In addition, most of the sites added a privacy policy link to this message to be GDPR compliant.


Quantcast Choice – TCF v 2.0 Implementation

Welcome 2020. Now you need to implement the TCF v2.0 standard to comply with the EU user protection rights. This can be done with the help of a CMP provider. Quantcast is one of the registered IAB TCF CMP providers.

To implement the Quantcast cookie consent by the visitor, you need to display a pop-up form containing all the purpose conditions and other legal terminology. Then the visitor will give consent or deny access to process his data, through the Quantcast pop-up form.

The WordPress integration of Quantcast Choice CMP form is little different than just using a plugin. Then you need to add the Universal Tag code in the header of your WordPress site for all of your pages.

TCF v2.0 integration with your site is done through the CMP form and Quantcast WordPress plugin.

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How to Create Quantcast Choice Pop-up Form for WordPress

To implement TCF 2.0, first we need to select a CMP provider through which we can gather the consent for data processing of the visitor.

In this case, we are going to use Quantcast as a CMP provider. It is free for normal and small business websites.

Sign-up for Quantcast account.

  1. Visit the following site to sign-up –
  2. You have to provide Email, Password, First Name and Last Name to register for Quantcast Choice.
  3. Sign-in with your username = email id and password = selected before.
  4. You have to accept the Quantcast Choice Terms of Service.
  5. Then you can see the Quantcast Choice dashboard for TCF 2.0. Here you can set up the sites, generate universal tags, manage vendors, customize user experience and get additional help.

Add a Site to Quantcast Choice CMP Form

  1. Click on the “Privacy” tab in the CMP dashboard, if it is not already selected.
  2. quantcast choice protect a site
  3. Click on “Protect a Site” to add your site to the CMP consent form.
  4. Create a Site screen will open.

Provide the following general settings.

  • SITE URL (only the domain name, without HTTP or HTTPS or www). You can also check the option that says “Apply to all my subdomains”. This will include the relevant subdomains of the main domain. (mandatory field)
  • Choose a theme for the consent form. You can design a custom theme to your requirements. Otherwise, select the default theme. (mandatory field)
  • Provide Site Name and Site Logo.
  • Select the regulations for which you want to use the consent form – GDPR and CCPA.
  • Then CMP version of Quantcast Choice (latest is version 12)
  • Select the Publisher Country Code from the drop-down. This could be the country where your server resides or where you are living in.
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quantcast choice cmp form general settings

Provide the Consent Scope details.

  • Which users should be asked for consent – Only users in the EEA or UK, Everyone, Never.
  • CONSENT SCOPE: ASK USER FOR CONSENT FOR…The following options are available – Your site only, A group of your sites only, Your site and other sites they visit online, A group of your sites and other sites they visit only. If you are using this only for 1 site, you can select the first option. If you have more than 1 site, you can select the second option.
  • Provide a Non-Consent Redirect URL – This will take the visitor to this URL, when they disagree to give consent to data processing of their data.
  • Show New Vendors Every – The default value is 30 days, you can set a different value.

quantcast choice consent scope

Provide your Consent Configuration.

You can declare your legal basis for TCF v2.0 framework. As we know, TCF 2.0 requires certain data processing consent from the user. You can give the user different legal choices, for which he can agree or disagree to the data processing. There are different purpose codes and other official rules as per TCF v2.0.

  1. I don’t declare a legal basis for my property
  2. I define my legal basis – You can customize the settings here.

quantcast choice consent configuration

Google Vendors

You can enable this option for Google related products consent.

quantcast choice google vendors consent


Note : This is the vendor list Google has provided to gather and propagate additional consent (alongside TCF v2.0 implementation) for companies that are not yet registered with the IAB Europe Global Vendor List but are on Google’s Ad Tech Providers (ATP) list.

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Then click on “Save Changes” on the top right hand corner.

Your site is now added to the Quantcast Choice CMP platform.

Copy the Universal Tag  and p-code of Quantcast Choice

14.   Now, you need to add the Universal Tag in the header of your WordPress site. This is to enable the consent form and display it to the user. Click on “Universal Tag” at the top right-hand corner.

15. Copy the tag and store it in a notepad kind of thing.

Note: Implement your Universal Tag in the website header, so that you gather users’ consent from Quantcast Choice CMP before any other tags are loaded. All future configurations to the Choice CMP can be managed directly in this Central Portal, without needing to redeploy the tag again!

16. You can also copy the p-code present at the top of the CMP dashboard.

The Follow-Up

Now you have completed the first steps to add your site to the Quantcast CMP provider consent form. This is one of the important part of implementing TCF v2.0 standard for your site. The Universal Tag and p-code will be created once you save the changes to your CMP form.

Since you have not added the Universal tag code to the header of your WordPress site, the CMP dashboard will say the tag code is not yet added. This can be seen in the “Properties” tab.

quantcast choice properties

Once you have added the Universal tag to the WordPress site header and the first visitor uses the QC form, then there will be a green indication next to your site in “Privacy > Sites“> tab. This indicates that the Quantcast Choice CMP form was created correctly and is working on your site.

site added to quantcast cmp green


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