We Tested Autoptimize with 3 PageSpeed Tools – Our Results

The best way to do wordpress optimization is to use a plugin. A typical site contains HTML, CSS, JS, image files, font files, ad scripts and many others. Bloating of this code will result in a slow speed of the site.  You can achieve better search results through a faster site and a good user

How to Install WordPress in 2 Simple Steps – Rocket.net

A new WordPress installation with cPanel tools. Most of the hosts provide Softaculous as a tool to fill in the required details. It will then check for the required data and install WordPress on your server. It was long ago. With Rocket.net WordPress quick install is a breeze. Setting Up WordPress with Rocket.net Web Hosting

Check Performance of Best WordPress Hosting Rocket.net

Companies don’t tell before hand the slowness in their servers and lag in site loading speed. Free web allows us for many chances to test performance and speed using various tools. WebPageTest tool is one of them which provides in-depth information on UX and web vitals.  Total Size of HTML File The size of the

Rocket.net Review – Best Plans and Pricing – Common Features

Rocket.net is the best-managed WordPress hosting for all types of users. You can do speed, Security, and Flexibility in easy steps. Create a site within 5 minutes. Also, adding a sub-domain and sub-folder are simple configuration steps. But are you taking the right plan? This WP Hosting had different plans that suit different customers. If

Why Rocket.net is Best WordPress Hosting in 2021? Simple Features

quick wordpress hosting 2021

If you need to build a site in 2021, you need two things. Domain registration and Hosting. The common extensions for sites are .com, .org, .net, .info, .us, .uk and many other such TLDs. (Top-level domains). Once you purchase the domain from the DNS (Domain Name Service) provider, you have to find the right server

Improve Caching and PageSpeed with Hummingbird Pro – 7 Benefits

WPMU DEV membership comes with 11 pro plugins. Hummingbird Pro is one of them. To see the benefits of this plugin, a free 7 day trial is available for all users and plans. Also Read – 10 Elusive Features of Ad Inserter Pro – Best WordPress Advertising Plugin Google PageSpeed Score is one of the common

#1 WordPress Image Compression Plugin for High PageSpeed Score

What can an image say about a blog?  The featured image itself is the answer. WordPress sites use a large set of images in their posts. When you write a tutorial or guide, a picture speaks a thousand words.  Image Quality is important too! If you see a reduction in size, don’t get too overwhelmed.

Push Notification Segmentation – Different Types and Advantages

Web Push Notifications Segmentation Segmentation is the art of dividing your subscriber base into relevant categories. This is for an effective conversion rate of your push notifications. At the real time of subscription, you can do audience segmentation. Segment Subscribers based on mobile, desktop, url based, site action and country based. Notification campaign can produce